bound 2 is my favorite song of 2013

“bound 2” isn’t the best song of 2013. it’s not even the best song on yeezus

i moved to brooklyn in june under the pretense of networking or some other bullshit i don’t actually care about. mostly, everything about chicago made me tired and sad. i spent the first half of the year staying up til sunrise, sleeping through the afternoon, living on the internet, and getting wasted alone. i would blink, repelled and disturbed, at the daylight like an alien. i lived in the same apartment building as my ex-boyfriend. i hated everyone.

yeezus leaked within the first few weeks of me moving. i lived with three strangers, at least one of whom loathed me, in crown heights; i hid in my room a lot. moving to new york is weird. the crushing realization that you ain’t shit hits meteorically. i lost focus. the morning it leaked i sat on my fire escape chain-smoking, drinking evan williams and sobbing. just sobbing. when “bound 2” hit i knew i was supposed to feel better—a nice comforting hug from the kanye of yore after the freakout—and that made it worse. i hadn’t felt so much like myself the whole time i’d been there, was the fucked up thing. i spent a lot of time this summer walking through crown heights and bed stuy at 3am, gasping for breath when the charlie wilson parts hit. 

i almost moved back to chicago. i was homeless for a few weeks, i was broker than i’d been in years, men sucked, someone stole my phone and i couldn’t afford a new one. i went back for a week, staying at my dad’s house. i wanted to curl into the fetal position on his couch and never leave. 

the night i flew back to new york i went straight to my favorite bar in bushwick. i got fucked up by myself and blatantly hit on a stranger, which i don’t think i’d ever done in my life. we molested the shit out of each other in a cab back to his place. i don’t remember any of it and i didn’t remember his name when we woke up and fucked again. later that week we fucked to “bound 2” playing on repeat. in that moment i knew i was going to marry him. we made it to thanksgiving. new york’s alright.


i’ll probably do a non-regionally specific list too, but really, who gives a shit? chicago wins everything. 

01. King Louie f. Lil Durk, "Thotty Things"

02. The Guys, "Taxes"

03. Kanye West, "Bound 2"

04. Sicko Mobb f. Lil Durk, "Maserati"

05. Lil Chris f. Breezy Montana, "Bop Like Me"

06. Lil Durk, "Dis Ain’t What You Want"

07. Bo Deal, "Ima Opp"

08. Katie Got Bandz f. King Louie, "Pop Out"

09. Sicko Mobb, "Young Heavy"

10. Guap Girls, "Ciroc & Thots"

11. P Rico, "No Love"

12. Chief Keef, "Macaroni Time"

13. Stunt Taylor, "FeFe On The Block"

14. Lil Bibby, "Water"

15. Matti Baybee f. Lil Durk, "Shopping Spree"